Rearview Mirror: A Look Back at the Cleveland Browns Season So Far

th4WL8NV6ZRearview Mirror is a weekly piece where I re-evaluate the previous Cleveland Browns game a couple of days after it is played, just to give me a a little time for reflection before the team prepares for the coming week’s game.

But the Browns last played 10 days ago because of the bye week. At first I figured I would write about the previous game – a 23-21 loss to the Baltimore Ravens – a couple days later, as I normally do, but, instead, I decided to use the time to let that last game, as well as the season, sink in.

For a few days after the loss to the Ravens, I was upset with the team. They didn’t execute, not the players, not the coaches. Two days later, I felt the same as I did just after the game. 10 days later, I feel differently.

So what do I think after a week and a half? Continue reading

A tale of baseball misery at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario

Progressive Field is empty once again...

Progressive Field is empty once again…

And then there is 2014…

It’s really hard not to feel that way here at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario after the Cleveland Indians’ 2014 playoff run sputtered midway through September this season. You could make a case that it sputtered way back in April, when the Indians’ went 10-17, and couldn’t find their footing.

Since the unproductive month of April, the Indians were above .500 in every month since, but only once were they a lot over (18-9 in August), and they never really felt like a playoff team, did they.

I don’t mean to sound so negative. I’ve been told that I should keep my negativity at bay.

I’ve been told that I should feel good about this 2014 season. I’ve been told that I should be happy that we still have Terry Francona as our manager, and that Mickey Callaway is a Dr. Frankensteinian gift of sorts, creating a Callaway-monster of a starting rotation from a massive pile of untapped potential. I’ve been told that this team’s foundation is a young and tidily wrapped up future of Michael Brantley and Carlos Santana and Yan Gomes and Jose Ramirez and Carlos Carrasco and Corey Kluber and Danny Salazar and Trevor Bauer and Francisco Lindor, to name just a few. I’ve been told to “smile,” because the Tribe won more than they lost, and that’s a rare thing for a team in this sad-sack market.

I get it.

Here’s the thing: the season is over. Continue reading

Who Cleveland Indians Fans Should Be Rooting For In The Postseason

mlb-playoffsEvery MLB postseason leaves me with the same dilemma: Who do I root for?

If the Cleveland Indians are in it, then it’s obviously them. The problem is, they rarely make the postseason. (And NO I am not counting that extra game against the Tampa Rays  in 2013 as a postseason appearance. No. No. No. No.)

I think a lot of fans of any sport have a two-category system for their league’s postseason: Those they will root for, and those they will actively root against.

For instance, this season’s darlings are the Kansas City Royals. Lots of people who normally don’t care about the Royals will be rooting for them. On the other end of that spectrum, two teams that people love to root against – the Yankees and Red Sox – will not be in the playoffs this season. I’m not sure we have a clear-cut villain this year, though I will be rooting against the Tigers, and not because they are an AL Central foe of the Indians. I’ll be doing it because they buy their team.

Okay, so that seems fairly simple, right? I pull for the Royals and against the Tigers. So what’s the dilemma? Continue reading

Orbiting Cleveland: Putting Michael Brantley’s 2014 season into context


brantley-michael1When it came to the Cleveland Indians and the 2014 season, disappointment was a familiar theme.

The defense couldn’t seem to make the routine plays.

The offense couldn’t seem to muster that one key hit.

Yet through it all, there was at least one player on the team who never disappointed. There was one player who went about his business like a professional and was consistent at every ebb and flow of the season.

Michael Brantley.

In all honesty, it appears at times as if Brantley has been somewhat overlooked. When Indians fans think back on the 2014 season, they will almost always reflect on Corey Kluber’s emergence as one of the best pitchers in the American League — and they should.

But they should also reflect on the remarkable season put together by Brantley. What he did in 2014 has to go down as one of the best offensive seasons in recent memory by an Indian. Continue reading

U2’s “Songs of Innocence” worth a listen

U2 Press Conference With Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton And Larry Mullen Jr.Almost two weeks ago, U2 created quite a buzz by dropping their newest album “Songs of Innocence” with not even five minutes warning. The album is very highly known, not necessarily because of its initial popularity, but because it was released at the end of an Apple Products Launch then subsequently put in all apple users’ Clouds.

Initially, many were excited about the prospect of new material from the eighties rock outfit, especially those who were already fans of U2. But many more were outraged at the “invasion of privacy, and the presumption from both Apple and U2 that everyone with iTunes would want it.

The internet dogpile started on Twitter, and after a few days, all the album reviews dealt in equal parts controversy and music criticism, and the real news story was not the actual music. And that’s a shame. Continue reading

ESPN didn’t suspend Bill Simmons for calling Roger Goodell a liar

1411649716332.cachedESPN didn’t suspend Bill Simmons for calling Roger Goodell a liar.

This much is apparent because, had this been the actual justification for the Worldwide Leader’s three-week ban of the Sports Guy, ESPN would be looking at a pretty thin roster of commentators after the Ray Rice scandal and Adrian Peterson story broke.

Chris Mortensen has insisted his sources led him astray when it came to what the NFL knew and when regarding Ray Rice’s domestic violence case. Adam Schefter has gone scorched earth on the league’s executives. Tedy Bruschi has openly questioned Goodell’s authenticity and called for his resignation, as has Jason Whitlock. An “Outside the Lines” report from last Friday indicated an even more substantial cover-up of the Rice story by both Goodell and the Baltimore Ravens front office. The line of people ready to take a crack at the Ginger Piñata grows by the day.

All Simmons did was come to the same conclusion many in media and the public have – Goodell . But that’s not why he’s on ESPN’s version of the Island of Despair. He’s there because of Keith Olbermann. Continue reading

10 Orbservations: Cavs Media Day, Corey Kluber’s dominance, and the Indians’ underachieving

10 Orbservations is a regular Saturday piece at Everybody Hates Cleveland where EHC Managing Editor Steve Orbanek offers 10 quick sports takes, both on Cleveland topics and national ones.

1. How good did it feel to see 1411754174000-USP-NBA-CLEVELAND-CAVALIERS-MEDIA-DAY-67554478LeBron James back in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform Friday at Cavs Media Day? Admit it, you shed a tear? While I didn’t actually go that far, I have to say that it was really a surreal moment. What made it even more special were some of the quotes we heard come out of James’ mouth:

  • “The most satisfaction in my career would be winning a championship right here, in Cleveland.”
  • “Between Andy, Tristan and Kevin, we should never lose a rebound.”
  • “Of course you dream about (winning a championship in Cleveland). You can’t control the mind when you sleep.”

Got chills yet? If you’re a true wine-and-gold fan, I don’t see how you possibly couldn’t. Continue reading

Are “Big Bang Theory” and “Modern Family” Still Funny?

It’s late September and wThe Junior Professor Solutionhile we’re in an era when television shows premiere throughout the year, this is still the point when the broadcast networks begin the new season with a slate of new and returning shows.

Along with a host of other shows, two of the most popular sitcoms on the air, CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” and ABC’ “Modern Family,” began their new seasons respectively this week. Despite their advanced ages (“Big Bang” is beginning its eighth season, while “Modern Family” is kicking off its sixth),  both shows are still wildly popular, thanks in no small measure to the fact both are in heavy rotation in syndication.

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The Universe – Entry Ten: FML

Three simple letters. Colloquially used to describe a less than savory situation for an individual. What happens when the term is used to reflect back on one’s entire life? If you’re looking back on your life, and all you have to say is “FML”, it’s time to change some things around. This week we’re going to look back at a professional wrestler that may have used that term to reflect on his career; essentially their respective character’s “life”.

I’m Brian Andrews; welcome to The Universe. Let’s get started.

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Getting Respect on the Streets: Night of Champions Quick Quts


We like Night of Champions.

Or, we should a little more than we do.

A pay-per-view where all of the belts are on the line should qualify as a major event, but it often comes off as a throwaway event (like Battleground, or Over The Limit or Hell in a Cell, or one of the many events that used to be called “In Your House”).

All that being said, Sunday’s PPV was actually a treat. Here’s how I felt in the moment. Spoilers and other unnecessary things ahead: Continue reading