Chasing Headley at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario

1The 2014 season is in the books here at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario, and while the like-minded and often-compared-to-Cleveland-Kansas City Royals are currently preparing to play in Game 2 of the 2014 World Series, our Indians are already three weeks into their offseason. While it’s easy to look back on the 2014 season and wonder what went wrong, it’s time to gaze into the 2015 crystal ball as the Indians prepare for an offseason in which Chris Antonetti will look to regain some of the momentum of the 2013 season.

There are many that contend that the 2014 season continued that momentum, as the Indians followed their 92-win playoff season with another 85 wins. No, the win total didn’t improve, but you could make a case that there were several factors working against the Tribe, including some well-payed players that had many wondering why they were well-payed.

With that said, you could equally make a case that the finer points of this team improved greatly. Continue reading

The Universe – Entry Thirteen: Smelling Salts

Well, how about it folks? The WWE giving us two quality weeks of programming in a row this fall? I’m stunned, truly stunned. More than that, they have managed to turn me around on this whole “Purgatory in a Cell” thing. Just what exactly are they doing right? You’re going to have to click on, my little padawans.

I’m Brian Andrews; welcome to The Universe. Let’s get started.

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Rearview Mirror: The Wait-and-See Browns

Jacksonville-at-Cleveland“Same old Browns.”

That’s what I heard from many fans after Sunday’s shellacking by the then-winless Jacksonville Jaguars. I’m not sure I agree, but I completely get it. After the Week 3 23-21 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, I was feeling the same way.

Over the past seven seasons, the Browns have had moments where maybe you could believe they had turned a corner. Remember 2010 in the Eric Mangini era when they had back-to-back wins against New England and New Orleans? Only to see the team fall apart after that and watch another head coach sent out the door? Continue reading

Slava Voynov’s suspension and the NHL’s moral predicament

voynovOn Monday morning, the NHL suspended a player for a crime he has yet to be charged with.

Yes, Slava Voynov was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, and the initial bits of news trickling out of Redondo Beach are ugly – an incident between Voynov and the alleged victim, a woman who was “screaming and heard crying,” left the woman with injuries bad enough to require hospital care. Voynov was arrested at the hospital.

While the case will likely progress to an arraignment for Voynov, he has yet to be officially charged. Had the Kings’ defenceman been arrested on suspicion of, say, DUI or cocaine possession, Voynov may still be preparing to face the Buffalo Sabres this coming Thursday, the way Ryan Malone was preparing to make his season debut with the Rangers Tuesday night four months after his own arrest. Continue reading

The Cleveland Sports Guyz talk Hoyer, Manziel, Waiters, Bron and Kluber

In today’s edition of The Cleveland Sports Guyz, Jim and Steve kick things off with the Cleveland Browns, as they look closely at how good (or bad) Brian Hoyer has been this year, and whether or not he will make it through next week, let alone this year. Hoyer has been everything that you want in a consistent quarterback, but there have been some instance of stagnancy that are troubling. The big question with regards to Hoyer is in today’s era of the NFL, is a player that can lead the Browns on a consistent basis, or is he a quarterback that will always somewhat fall short ever so often? Continue reading

Payroll Disparity and the MLB Playoffs: The League Championship Series

mlb-playoffsEach round of the playoffs, I have broken down the teams that participated and where they ranked in terms of spending. The original concept of this was to show the effect that payroll has on Major League Baseball. The reason I look at it here and not in other sports is for the unique fact that MLB has no salary cap. Each team can generate their own revenue and spend as they see fit.

For a fan of a team in a smaller market – The Cleveland Indians – it is frustrating to watch the team struggle every year because they can’t compete with an equal level of talent. Continue reading

Orbiting Cleveland: Appreciating Corey Kluber’s 2014 Campaign


hi-res-77db53bec8cc04f3e1aac8d47ac9a18d_crop_northHindsight is 20/20. Is that how the saying goes?

The Cleveland Browns are emerging as one of the NFL’s trendiest teams. The Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James are about to embark on a “Championship or Bust” season. Yet, here I sit, content to reflect on the Cleveland Indians’ 2014 season.

Something must be wrong with me.

Or maybe not.

Perhaps a little bit of reflection could serve us all well. When looking back at the Indians, it’s easy to get caught up in the negatives.

The Tribe finished with a record of 85-77, a far cry from a year earlier when they finished 92-70 and captured the American League’s top Wild Card spot.

At times, this team was painful — incredibly painful, in fact. Continue reading

Browns Offense Misses Trip To Jacksonville

Jacksonville-at-ClevelandThis game was played terribly by the Cleveland Browns. Okay, that’s an obvious statement, but I’m irritated and feel a need to make it anyway. This loss sits squarely on the offense and a little on head coach Mike Pettine.

I found it amazing as I watched Twitter that fans couldn’t seem to understand that a good 85% of this was that offensive line. That’s what happens when you lose one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL. Sorry, but no matter how well other guys are, you just don’t replace a guy like Alex Mack. Not many teams could. Continue reading

Browns offensive stride a long time in the making

New Orleans Saints v Cleveland BrownsWhen Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells famously quipped “You are what your record says you are,” he could very well have been describing the 2014 version of Browns offense when contrasted with its immediate predecessors.

That there comes a time when it is blatantly obvious that production trumps the promises that potential and past successes have to offer was a realization far from the minds of the guys running things in Berea at the beginning of the decade.

To this point this season, the Browns’ offense has impressed with several historic performances and carries the promise of continued growth. It’s a scenario that would’ve seemed nearly unfathomable for an attack that, in previous years, relied on high draft picks and veterans to carry out a proven, albeit somewhat antiquated systems.

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Trend Spotting: An Indians Primer on what to avoid

As the Cavaliers and Browns enter what is perhaps the apex of interest over the past decade in Cleveland sports, I cannot help but think about what could happen with the Tribe in 2015. With youth comes a certain optimism, in the modern MLB marketplace, controlled proven youth comes unmatched hubris. For the Indians, this is where we sit.

I enjoy the multitude of articles which highlight who the Indians add, at least as a consumer, but my tact is far different with the thought being, who should the Indians avoid? This question comes with both specific players whom they should be wary of as well as inefficient asset allocation, which should be avoided.

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