Browns and Loyalty: What’s Manziel Worth?

nfl_a_johnny-manziel_mb_600x400Tim Couch’s criticism of the Browns’ approach to developing quarterbacks likely raised few eyebrows among a contingent of Browns fans weary of analyzing why a suitable signal-caller continues to prove elusive.

“The biggest thing that frustrates me is the lack of commitment and loyalty to let a coach see it out and a quarterback play it out,” he told ESPN.

Couch’s lament on the Browns’ fear of commitment could be his way of predicting the fate that’s to meet Johnny Manziel.

And it’s a fair assessment. After all, 22 starting quarterbacks since reentering the league in 1999 should just about say it all.

Then again, after nearly two dozen quarterbacks have demonstrated to be inadequate, the Browns would be justified if they were a little skeptical and gun-shy about putting the next guy under center.

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The Cleveland Indians line-up at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario

Michael Brantley, Jason KipnisI do love the hot stove season at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario.

Sure, it’s become a whole lot more complicated with the advent of social media, but it doesn’t take away from the fun of wondering what’s going to happen next. You have good years and bad years…

Okay, in Cleveland, you often have bad years, and bad years, and good years, and bad years, but there’s always that tinge of potential from day-to-day and week-to-week that the Lake Erie Warriors might bring a new present to put under in the wigwam.

This year, the Indians made the first splash at the Winter Meetings, bringing in Brandon Moss. No, it wasn’t the biggest move, and by Thursday, most had forgotten it, but for one day, the Indians were the talk of the baseball world.

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Top Ten TV Shows of 2014

There have been many who have referred to the current era as a golden age for television and whether or not that Fargois true, it is almost certainly the most saturated with quality programming. Years ago the big three networks maintained a monopoly and even 10 years ago, premium cable was the only alternative. Now nearly every network imaginable has delved into original programming and sometimes shows aren’t even coming from a network, with streaming services like Netflix and Amazon branching out into serialized comedies and dramas.

It’s impossible to keep up with everything that’s out there, but there are a number of shows that stand out ahead of the pack. There was no program like “Breaking Bad” in 2013 that stood far and away as the very best, but several made 2014 a memorable viewing year. Continue reading

Bernie Kosar, What He Said! A Question of Browns Leadership

downloadIf you haven’t heard, Bernie Kosar did what Bernie Kosar does: Spoke openly.

Kosar’s speech may be slurred at times, but his words are always succinct. He seems to have no filter and says whatever is on his mind. In a culture where everything said in public has to be completely sterilized, I find this sort of thing refreshing. Add to it that it’s Cleveland’s favorite son and the last franchise quarterback we had in Cleveland, it means even more.

Kosar caused a storm on Monday when, on WTAM 1100’s Mike Trivisanno Show, he ripped into Browns management – past and present – for the handling of the quarterback position and for all of the losing. Continue reading

Rearview Mirror: The Most Disappointing Game of the Season

imagesWow. Sunday, the Cleveland Browns played their worst game of the season. Maybe in a few seasons. This was a mathematical must-win game, the final home game of the season, a game against the first-place Cincinnati Bengals…and the Browns just didn’t show up.

In Week 10, the Browns beat the Bengals soundly, 24-3. The team has gone south since then, but there was hope! This was Johnny Manziel‘s first NFL start! He’s going to re-energize the offense! Remember the “experts” on the radio saying that? I figured at least he couldn’t play worse than Brian Hoyer has recently. Right?

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Orbiting Cleveland: Johnny Manziel’s debut and the end of the Cleveland Browns’ season


Photo by Joshua Gunter, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Photo by Joshua Gunter, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

The season is over.

A tad too melodramatic? Well, you tell me.

The Cleveland Browns lost 30-0 to the Cincinnati Bengals at home on Sunday in the team’s final home game of the season. Nice way to show the home crowd how much you appreciate them, right?

The loss was the team’s third in a row, and the Browns’ record now sits at 7-7 after previously sitting at 7-4 just three week ago. The Browns are now 2.5 games back of the Bengals in the AFC North. The team is now officially out of the divisional race.

Johnny Manziel, the supposed future franchise quarterback, completed 10-of-18 passes for 80 yards and two interceptions. Many of his passes were off the mark, and he was hardly as advertised.

The defense allowed 244 yards on the ground. Pro Bowl cornerback Joe Haden also left the game with a shoulder injury.

Yes, the season is over. Still too melodramatic for you? Continue reading

The Sunday Drive with Johnny Manziel

1Johnny Manziel, the stage is yours.

The much-hyped quarterback is making his first start in the NFL after the Cleveland Browns’ offense has struggled the past few weeks with Brian Hoyer under center.

For some, it’s been a long time coming.

Browns coach Mike Pettine has been patient with his first round pick, giving him months to learn both what it’s like to be in the NFL, and to learn Kyle Shanahan’s system.

While clearly frustrated, Manziel has mostly played the back-up role with poise than many didn’t expect after the social media sensation made the rounds after the draft. What happens from here on the field is anyone’s guess. What’s happened since the announcement has been quick and clear.

As EHC’s Steve Orbanek noted yesterday, FOX Sports “has decided to flex its first game and carry the Browns vs. Bengals.” The buzz that Manziel carries with him is at a fever pitch locally, but has also transferred nationally as well. LeBron James is even planning on attending to watch his friend play, putting him on a level only a few professional athletes can lay claim.

Have I mentioned that he hasn’t started a game yet?

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10 Orbservations: Johnny Manziel’s first start, FOX’s television change, Dion Waiters’ injury and the acquisition of Brandon Moss

10 Orbservations is a regular Saturday piece at Everybody Hates Cleveland where EHC Managing Editor Steve Orbanek offers 10 quick sports takes, both on Cleveland topics and national ones.

Cleveland Browns v Buffalo Bills1. Johnny Man Sells. At least television producers seem to believe that to be the case. If you have not yet seen Waiting For Next Year’s piece detailing how FOX has decided to flex its first game and carry the Browns vs. Bengals game, be sure to check it out. The long story short is that more than half of the country will now be seeing the Browns game on Sunday, and that was not the case until the team decided that Johnny Manziel would start the contest. It’s easy to understand why FOX would want to make this type of move, but still, more than half of the country? We knew that Manziel would bring the bright lights with him to Cleveland, and he’s already proving that right before he prepares to make his first start. Continue reading

What five albums would you take with you on a desert island?

Death-Cab-For-Cutie-TransatlanticismToday, the EHC staff discusses a question as old as time…

From: Matt Kasznel
To: EHC Staff

My brother and I go back and forth on a hypothetical question every few months: if you were stranded on a desert island with only a music playback device of your choosing and five albums, which five would you take with you to listen to for all your remaining days?

The only rule: no “Greatest Hits” albums, but movie soundtracks and “live” CDs are OK. So you can’t pick the “The Best of Peter Frampton,” but “Frampton Comes Alive” is fair game.

You could do this with just about any form of media – movies, books, comics, etc. I like doing music because, like books, you can only be engaged through one of the five senses for the most part. Also, my five movies would suck and everyone would hate me for listing them. (“Who’s ready to watch ‘Thumbtanic’ again?”)

For most people, this will be a challenge to limit an eternity of music to just five CDs, so variety is paramount, unless you make the only reasonable choice – all five Creed CDs. What’s that? No one? Didn’t even know they’d put out five? Hm. Well, your loss.

Anyway, I’ll start with mine… Continue reading

Building a Cleveland Cavaliers championship at the corner of Huron and Ontario

1It’s funny how quickly things change at the Corner of Huron and Ontario.

In the same respect, it’s funny how much things are exactly what they seem.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a team in transition, and regardless of what your initial thoughts were for this team heading into 2014-2015, that was one fact that was undeniable.

Take LeBron James out of the equation for a moment, and think about the bare essentials of what happened to the Cleveland Cavaliers from the end of the 2013-2014 season, to the beginning of the 2014-2015 season. Continue reading