Baseball, CrossFit & Weightlifting

Cleveland should probably take note of this post to up their game.  Many professional players are heavily into weightlifting to make sure that they perform at the very best level that they can.  But they often have a unique workout routine.  If we look at some of the Cleveland team lineup, it's looks like some of them have never even set foot in a gym.

A good buddy professional player of mine has always has trouble adjusting to the correct shoes for his weightlifting workout or CrossFit session.  I think that this is due to the nature of baseball and the fact that he practically lives in his baseball shoes. I've got another friend that swears by wearing weightlifting shoes for baseball. He says it's helps with his stance and swing.

The Battle Over CrossFit Shoes

Based on how you position your feet and shoe's flexibility, you might or might not tend to wear baseball, weightlifting or CrossFit shoes outside of what they were designed for. Weightlifting is highly dependent upon how much power you can create. It is an Olympic sport that is practiced by a large number of sportsmen, but also by amateurs who include weight training or CrossFit in their daily routine. You might be wondering how this fit's into baseball. We'll get to that...

Baseball cleats should be lightweight, comfortable and worn just for that sport as a way to improve performance with enhanced grip and such. An individual could argue your shoes are the most crucial item in your gym bag. CrossFit shoes enable the lifter to sit down back on the heels easier which helps with completing the lift safely, this is especially true when it comes to mobility. The only folks who should not be wearing the right shoes (weightlifting or CrossFit shoes) are the individuals who really are not able to afford them. The same goes for men and ladies too. In fact, the best CrossFit shoes for women will be the ones that perform the best. The same goes for men who want the best baseball cleats. If you are searching for a mid-level Olympic Weightlifting shoe, the Reebok Oly shoes are an excellent choice.

Cleats and weightlifting shoes are quite similar. The shoes include a 1 inch thick strap throughout the top which helps to make sure the foot's rigidity is at a maximum. Weightlifting shoes are created with hard, stiff materials to supply added support to the ankles, just like baseball cleats. And just as with cleats, the very best weightlifting shoes do not just offer great styling appearance but in addition excellent performance too.

CrossFit Shoes VS Baseball Cleats

So as we can see the shoes are actually quite similar even though they are created for different types of sports and workouts. Instead of just absorbing force, you require a shoe which will help you use all of the force your entire body produces that will help you move heavy weights or run to a base. Expect your normal weight lifting shoe to be heavier than standard running or baseball shoes as a result of extra support required. On that point, there are also many benefits from taking part in CrossFit too.

Whatever exercise routine you opt for, your shoes will differ and you need to select wisely. Now, I know a lot of successful baseball players actually just wear weightlifting or CrossFit shoes. They prefer them over cleats.

But exactly like with any other type of equipment, weightlifting shoes aren't the magic bullet to ensure that you get huge and ripped overnight. Generally, they can last for a long time, but only if they are made and worn correctly. As mentioned before, take the time to consider if they are a good addition to your workout plan and sports needs. Olympic weightlifting shoes can be helpful for a number of purposes. But if you intend to be a Strongman athlete, Olympic weightlifting shoes might not be the very best solution for you.